Roulette casinos and guide 2021

Roulette is a traditional casino game that has been further diversified online. Various variations such as French, American and European roulette as well as live roulette pulled by the right presenter can be played at online casinos anywhere, anytime! Check out the rules of roulette and browse the online list of the best online casinos with roulette, where you will also find the best bonuses for players. Go right here and find the rest.

Roulette rules

European roulette usually contains 37 numbers, which are 0-36, while American roulette has 38 numbers, 0-36 and 00. The ball is rotated counter clockwise in a roulette circle. The numbers in the roulette wheel correspond to their own squares, one of which is red and the other black. Zero is usually green.

In roulette, players can choose to bet on either individual numbers, oddness or oddness in the result, whether the number is small or large or red and black. There are, of course, various rule variations, and roulette is a fairly diverse game depending on the venue.

Roulette is an absolute classic of gambling, so if you are interested in gambling, you should definitely check out roulette. Take advantage of our listings and reviews to find the right casino and game for you.

How to play roulette?

Playing roulette is quite easy as the rules of the game are not hard to master. First, however, you should choose a good roulette table. Most online casinos offer some choice in terms of tables, so it’s good to remember that each table may have its own unique rules.

Playing roulette itself is not demanding. Once you are at the table, you first select your bet. The bet is usually made with chips of different values that you can place on different sides of the board. In roulette, you can bet on individual numbers, color, evenness or oddity and whether the result is small or large. In one round, you can also bet on multiple items: for example, you can bet the ball will fall to number four and at the same time bet on the color red.