Has the poker ‘skill gap’ shrunk nowonline casinos have made poker available to more players?

One of the most popular casino games to play still is poker. Whether you love Texas Hold ’Em or Pineapple, this is a game thatappeals to millions of players worldwide. Much of this is down to the mixture of skill, strategy and luck that poker contains. Of course, poker has also grown massively of late as the online casino gaming sectorhas grown. The global online casino market forecast for 2021 is around $266bn, and this shows how vibrant the industry is now.

This now sees poker carried at the top online casino platforms. For many, Resorts Casino is the best NJ online casino to play poker at. This is because it has a range of great payment options, cool bonuses for new players, and some great variants of the game to enjoy.

The growth of online casinos has certainly brought the game more into the mainstream. One question that many ask now though is whether the previous ‘skill gap’ between players has shrunk due to onlinepoker.

‘Skill gap’ in poker has shrunk between players

The truth about gambling is that the previous ‘skill gap’ between poker players has shrunk in recent years. This is mainly due to the game being more widely available to a wider range of people at online casinos.The24/7 flexibility of online play means thatpeople can play when they have the chance and fit in more practiceas a result. The accessible nature of online casinos means that anyone can quickly create an accountand get playing at a casino of their choice. All this has seen the gap in skill between players come down recently.

Of course, being able to play online also helps to even the playing field. Those who might be negatively affected by playing in a physical casinodo not have these issues when playing in their own home. This, in turn,allows more people to perform at their true level and close the previous ‘skill gap.’

Closure of ‘skill gap’ a positive thing

It is key to note that the closure of this ‘skill gap’is a positive thing. After all, what can be bad aboutpeople playing where they feel comfortable and to their true ability?

However,the wider availability of poker on online casino platforms also has a few other positives. Games of poker thatinvolve players of similar skill levels, for example, are much more exciting. If you were to always get beaten by better players, it would soon get boring! The shrinking ‘skill gap’ also makes winning a bigger achievement. Playing people who are on a similar level to you is just a much better challenge!

Online poker helping to push the game forward

There is no doubt that the wide availability of poker at online casinos has helped make it more accessible to more people. This, in turn, has enabled more people to play it more regularly and close the ‘skill gap’ thatexisted before. As the above shows, this is no bad thing!